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If any of you use iTunes, you may have noticed the new version (12) released a month of two ago got “facelift”.

It was quite the opposite of a facelift actually. Literally. They went for an all-flat iOS-esque look and feel, and it’s super confusing, ugly, and makes editing song metadata way harder than it should be. So today, after getting fed up with it for the third time, I decided to downgrade it back to version 11.

It was a pain in the ass man, holy shit. You have to jump through all kinds of hoops to get the older version to install properly over your newer version, and then there’s still an issue with library compatibility. Apparently libraries from 12 aren’t compatible with older versions. Luckily it automatically stores a number of “previous library” files, so I could revert to one of those, but that also meant I had to reimport music of five artists all over again.

Truth be told, it’s horribly unreasonable to expect software developers to keep downgrading in mind when working on their software, but it’s a shame it’s almost never truly supported anyway. Some applications work just fine since they don’t use any special resources, but once you get to external files you’ll want to keep track of the format they’re in. And if changes to that format are required for a feature in a newer version, then it’s fully justifiable to lose backwards compatibility with older versions.

But that’s just some rambling.
~ Fang


  • 16/02/2015 (3:53 PM)

    iTunes? What’s that? Is that that thing that takes over your music and won’t let you sort it the way you want to? That makes even the copying of music over to your device like the digital equivalent of Chinese water torture?

    Android/Windows guy who simply has to click and drag his music to his phone rather than using the world’s worst software interface

    • 16/02/2015 (7:47 PM)

      Oh, it actually works just fine for the sort of book-keeping I do for my library (which doesn’t come from the iTunes Store, holy hell no). Besides, iOS device support is dandy, and if you’ve got an Android you can just drag-drop from iTunes onto the thing’s drive.
      It’s definitely not the most elegant tool out there, but it does the job.

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