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14 02 15

It is done.

The teachers have been mailed and I’ve signed myself out of the tests for the coming semester.

So it’s… official now. I’m taking a temporary leave from my study to get my health back on the right track. 2014-2015 is shaping up to be the worst year of my life (though the internship was amazing, so I guess it’s sort of worth it?), and the coming few months will be very, very rough for me. That said, the therapist said they’ll signal me as soon as they have an open spot for an appointment, so professionally guided recovery is also on its way.

I’m trying my best to not sink into negativity. It’s hard finding that balance between cheering myself up just enough to not get really fucking depressed and cheering myself up so much I make the stupid choice of wanting to work on my own projects again way too soon. We’ll have to see how that works out, but I think I’ll do fine. If anything I can always call on my lazy side for help.

At least I get to finish that school project (can’t just ditch my partner eh?) before the months on nothing begin.
~ Fang


  • Joey
    16/02/2015 (12:23 AM)

    That sucks man, but really good that you are taking care of yourself this way.
    There are people to afraid of losing there education when doing such things, while your health is priority number one.

    If you are feeling down or want a good sparring session to keep active, shoot me on Skype :) always happy to help out.

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