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13 02 15

This is up, doc.

So I called the doctor this morning to maybe have him check on my RSI situation.

My appointment could be placed not even an hour after I had called, and that fit my schedule (that is, a more or less empty schedule), so I agreed. He basically heard me out on my issues, agreed it was probably RSI, and redirected me to a therapist that specializes in these kinds of things. You know, what with making sure I actually recover and it doesn’t happen again.

So I called those and they’ll be letting me know when they have time for an appointment. One thing I don’t need their advice on though, is the choice to postpone this part of my study. With how things are now, I honestly can’t keep up the pace without feeling even worse. Rather just break than half-ass things and have to do them a second time. I should remember to update my teachers on this development, so they don’t suddenly miss me.

The plausible deniability and “nah I can do things still, I’ll be fine” factor is reaching zero. There’s no fooling myself anymore. I’m pretty much boned.
~ Fang


  • 16/02/2015 (3:48 AM)

    Well you aren’t totally boned. Just, temporarily while you get put back in one piece. I hope you can see that specialist soon and they have some good news for you.

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