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After missing my first day of class yesterday, I’m going to start “for realsies” tomorrow.

And to be perfectly honest, I ain’t very much looking forward to it. Already slugged through the first assignment today and it was a fucking drag. Know how in game development it’s generally advisable to prototype as soon as possible and leave all the things that have nothing to do with the core mechanic (like control scheme, story, visual style) be for some time? Well, that’s what we’re apparently being taught too, except the first assignment doesn’t completely reflect this.

We’re required to make a number of “high concept documents” outlining the general idea of some games we have in mind. First thing I noticed was that the template talks about “the game” instead of “the concept”. That’s no real point of worry though. What is, is that it eventually asks you to provide things like a genre, “unique selling points”, and the characters in your game and their stories. Why? I have a neat mechanic in mind, but I have no idea in what context I’ll be applying that yet. And at this point, how is the character important? What if my game doesn’t even have a character?

As far as starts go, this isn’t exactly the best one out there. We’ll see how it goes though, and if my arms will survive.
~ Fang

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