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28 02 15


For a multitude of reasons it tends to be fairly cold in my room during most of the day.

And when the blood flow in your arms isn’t that great to start with, you end up with really cold hands. So I decided to “fuck it, I’m not planning on getting anything done anyway”, and dug up a pair of old gloves where only the thumb and index finger are fingerless. They’re been really used up, so they’re fuzzing out all over the place and actually kind of itchy, but they still manage to keep my hands warm.

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27 02 15

Fair sharing

You may have experienced a slowdown on my websites yesterday. It’s fixed now!

When I woke up this morning and everything was still acting sluggish, I knew something wasn’t right. Shot a ticket by customer support, they looked into it and got the issue fixed. Turns out someone else on the server was using an obscene amount of resources, causing slowdowns across the board. That’s one of the negatives of shared hosting environments.

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26 02 15

Load times

I may have bitched about users being super impatient, but if a page takes longer than three seconds to at least partially load then there’s no saving you.

Yet that’s something I’m running into right now. All of my websites appear to be loading rather sluggishly, for no apparent reason, too. If this is still happening come tomorrow morning then I’ll pass it by the host’s customer support in the hopes that they can get it checked into. For now it’s kind of annoying though.

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25 02 15


Ah, the essence of ones online identity.

At least, that’s what it feels like to me. Apparently not everyone attached such a high value to their chosen alias. For me though, it’s got a history of its own. One I won’t go into today, because this isn’t about “Fang”, it’s about usernames in general and the “essence” they radiate.

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Now I’m no expert on the subject, but the Kickstarter for Seventeen Uncles: A Pug’s Life recently launched and it has inspired me to talk about ’em.

Point and click games (alternatively, graphic adventure games) were the bread and butter of my childhood desktop gaming experience. I grew up playing Freddy Fish, Pajama Sam, Putt-Putt, hell, I even played one of the Mia Mouse games, though I don’t recall learning much from it. Anyway, looking back they seemed really good at getting a narrative going and forcing you to follow it through in the way they intended, without actually making it feel that way.

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