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28 01 15

It worked!

Yesterday I got three (yes, three!) packages in the mail. Two of which are related to this post.

One of the things in the mail was the Gateway 3DS card I ordered, which allows you to run all kinds of cool homebrew in addition to your hopefully legal game dumps. Spent yesterday and today setting everything up, taking extra care to make triple-backups of all important data. And guess what, I got it all working!

Except for one tiny thing, which keeps me from connecting to the Nintendo eShop. Can’t download game updates or buy new ones now, which is quite a shame. Luckily other methods of getting those updates have become available, so that’s nice.

Though I can’t wait to play some Tetris in 3D, I feel like my arms will turn 360 degrees and walk away if I do.
~ Fang

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