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The hardest part of the day was getting out of bed.

First day at work after two weeks of vacation, and it wasn’t nearly as difficult to get back into it as I expected. Sure you need to take a good look to remind yourself what you were working on again, but I managed to process most all of the feedback I got on the demo I held right before the vacation started. So that’s nice.

Those eight hours flew by, too. Probably because I was able to stay hard at work changing things up as the “customer” had requested, instead of getting stuck bug-fixing the entire day. Will have to discuss the steps to release tomorrow, the first one’s near!

Also got an email from my “internship teacher”, i.e., the guy they put in charge of checking in one me two or so times during the half year. Since the period’s nearing its end he proposed a date for a meeting, to discuss my progress and personal development and all that. Grading, too.

Now if only all that mandatory paperwork would finish itself…
~ Fang


  • 06/01/2015 (7:46 PM)

    I got back into things easier than I expected to as well. I did my best to maintain a good sleeping schedule which proved to be key. Now get to doing that paperwork.

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