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18 01 15

A wasted weekend

The conflicted feelings in me are saying “nothing is something worth doing”.

I got literally nothing of value done this weekend, save for a world-building discussion with friends from which a few interesting points for thought spawned. We made it a late night, but I got out of bed relatively early, because there’s no use in laying in bed all day. An hour later I realized, I might as well have, since there’s no way for me to enjoy myself for a full day. Resting isn’t fun.

So that’s been playing a role again. I’ve been forcing myself to not do anything I want to do, and now it feels like all the passion’s drained away. I couldn’t even be bothered thinking about any of my project or drawing up quick design doodles for them. I’m falling into one of those lows again, seeing as how I can’t imagine it going back up anytime soon. It’ll do though, it’s like a tide of struggle.

And I keep whining about all this because..? Honestly, because there’s nothing else interesting going on. Or at least, nothing else interests me.
~ Fang


  • 19/01/2015 (6:45 AM)

    I hate when I’m in a creative slump and I get nothing done. I know that feel, bro. Just don’t let it get you down. I know you said you have a lot of ideas tugging at you, and even if it’s not Pip and Sqeek, you’ll find the right project. And as I said before, I hope you make something of Caves since it’s already written out.

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