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31 01 15

Wanting more

Oh, consumers these days.

It seems that your average consumer is behaving more and more spoiled every day. They require more and better products churned out at faster rates than ever before. If there’s a flaw with a product they need it fixed immediately, and you better not omit the public apology and free stuff.

Maybe it’s always been that way, but people have grown more vocal about it. Or maybe it really isn’t that big an issue, except those who do participate in such demands are very vocal about them, while the rest of the consumers feel no reason to complain.

It seems expected of every company that they can magically fix any issue, that their customer support is always swift and helpful, and their products completely flawless. While it’s true companies tend to under-deliver slightly, it is by no means a large point of concern and in no way does it give consumers the right to demand as much as they do sometimes.

But hey, what do I know. Consumerism is weird.
~ Fang

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