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As if it hasn’t been doing so for months already.

I’m going to let myself write another post about my RSI struggles, because I am not a very smart man. It struck me recently that at the rate things are going, I may not be able to go on with this. Here’s the thing. Right now, and probably continuing until after the internship finishes, I have to write all the necessary papers on the experience. Kind of a sour apple to bit through already, considering my physical situation. Starting February, I’ll also be back to school again, for a specialization course in game technology.

Neat, but it’s supposedly a bit heavy on the “you need to do shit” side. I expected that, but it’s hitting me now. I am in dire need of a long break, and may not be able to get one anytime soon. If the courses require very intense working, then I fear actually putting forth that work will ruin me for much longer than I care to think about.

Conclusion: Depending on how things will go, I may end up delaying my studies by half a year. If I can’t physically do all the coursework, I can’t participate (well) in classes, can’t get any grades, and will thus have to do it all over.

That’s some god damn fucking shit alright.
~ Fang


  • 16/01/2015 (12:54 AM)

    I’ve been there before, admittedly not in the exact same situation, but I have found myself having to quit something because I’m stretching myself too far. Remember that there’s nothing wrong in having to quit and analyse the situation and decide what needs to be cut. If it’s your studies it’s your studies. You can always go back to them another time.

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