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24 01 15

Skill transfer

(Apparently this didn’t post the first time around.) Let’s talk about how skills transfer between disciplines, areas within those, etc.

Not all skills are created equally. They’re all amazing to have of course, but some just lack that broader applicability. You can be really good at fixing cars, but that doesn’t make you a good mechanic. However, you may be able to paint very well. This could get you into all kinds of things, from concept art to design-oriented fields!

If you’re ever wondering what skill to learn next due to not knowing which specific direction want to go in, check those skills for this. Being able to write a half-decent formal piece can be used in anything from academia to job applications. Knowing how to deal with certain situations is valuable wherever you go, etc.

I could list examples all day long (since hey, a lot of skills are at least somewhat broad in this sense), but I’m sure you get the point by now.
~ Fang

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