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Not talking about floppy drives here. Those are disks, you dummy.

So I recently discovered that included in the huge collection of old gaming gear a friend bought a while ago, is a device used to write to Game Boy (Color?) cartridges. I also happen to know that there’s development kits available for most of those old handhelds and consoles. If you can add one and one to get two, I’m pretty sure you know what that means.

Once I’m back up and running (one week of internship to go!) I think I’ll actually look into that. Even if it’s just a silly little thing, having something you made on an actual game cartridge is way wicked cool. I think the thing came with some blank cartridges too, so I won’t have to hunt those down either.

Any ideas on what (preferably simple) thing to put on it? I could probably make one of those splitter games. That probably doesn’t mean very much to you. Hell, I only had one game of that type I ever played.

~ Fang


  • 27/01/2015 (3:02 PM)

    You have to put your asteroids clone on a game boy cartridge. You just have to. Outside of that I’m not sure what you could do really, but it does sound pretty cool.

    • 27/01/2015 (7:53 PM)

      You mean, I have to rewrite the entire damn thing in a some ancient sun-rune code, take into account the mere ten bytes that fit on that thing, and the two bytes the GB has for memory? Yeah, I just have to. Lel.

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