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10 01 15

Profile pictures

Generic non-descriptive title? Check. Lame opening that adds nothing of value? Check.

Most every service where you can represent yourself to others in one way or another allows you to set a profile picture. It can be a great way to easily recognize others at a glance, whereas usernames require a small amount of reading and don’t work well in large groups. They’re also the most basic form of customization you can give an online profile, save for your display name. All fine and neat, but once you want to change your picture into something less childish than the you from a couple years back set, it can become a bit of a hassle.

I’m not talking just a single site here. Chances are you’ll have to go to a fair amount of services and manually change every single picture everywhere. And that’s a huge fucking bummer if you’re like me and want your silly pictures of dogs to be consistent.

Luckily, Gravatar is here to save the day! It’s also what this blog uses for the user pictures next to their comments (and the reason why you enter your email). It’s a really great service, and all kinds of websites use it… but sadly not all of them. I understand that some web applications may have specific needs in regards to profile pictures, but for all other cases Gravatar should really be the de-facto solution.

Only disadvantage there is having to give away your email, but you can always use an extra, “spam-only” address.
~ Fang

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