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No not you, dear reader. You’re always spot on! I’m the one at fault here.

It’s one of the biggest problems I still have with writing blog posts, and a by-product of the fact that almost all of them are written in one sitting, generally right before my “deadline” for the day. I start them with a point in mind that I intend to get across through the post, be it a simply personal opinion (heh), commentary on present-day events (hah), or a quality piece of writing that will inspire reader for years to come (HA!).

But as the words flow my thoughts trail off, the list of arguments I compiled in my head falls apart and I am left with whatever is the easiest to jump to from my current point in writing. Or worse, whatever slightly related thought springs to mind first. The post then starts to deviate from the intended route, and before you know it I’m yapping about this really obscure band you’ve absolutely got to listen to.

On the one hand, I feel my writing is suffering under it. Less structured texts mean less clear points and thus a less decent message to them. But then, “forgetting the point” isn’t the core issue, it isn’t the root of the problem. It’s my writing methodology.
All that gets infused in my writing though, you could say it’s part of my “style”. Not a very practical one, that’s for sure, but it’s there so I might as well own up to it.

Besides, it’s not like I write on points worth getting across frequently enough for this to be very significant a significant problem.
~ Fang

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