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27 01 15

Future looks

I realized today that the way the future will turn out looking (in every-day life) will largely be determined by whatever fashion trends are going on then.

Take a look at the present day, for example. Popular culture and the Average Joe’s fashion choices are starting to all fall into the “mainstream hipster” category. It dictates the look and feel of the thing you’ll look back on in a couple of years, just like the 00’s were all about “cool”.

It isn’t so much what is possible that will shape the image of the future, but rather what we all do. Crazy tech is online the side-dish. Smartphones haven’t become the identifier for a citizen of the 10’s, now have they? No, they’re just an accessory to the broader image that people carry around.

Conclusion: We should get the concept artist of the Jetsons to make some clothing, and then make that become the latest trend.
~ Fang

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