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This is incredibly silly!

Why do we spell it “card” if it comes from “cartridge”? Because “cart” for technological things feels a bit old-fashioned? Who knows.

So I haven’t really been in the 3DS homebrew, emulation and flashcard seen for quite a few months. Last I heard an exploit was discovered that only worked with a select few very old firmware versions. Versions so low they didn’t even come stock anymore on most systems. Much to my surprise, there’s actually a duo of flashcard options available! One, using firmware-based exploits, the Gateway card. The other, Sky3DS, actually manages to disguise itself as an authentic 3DS game cartridge. Sounds like the easiest thing to do, but I’m sure that took a fair amount of reverse engineering.

Anyway, I see a lot of the same old debate pop up in forums and other places people can chat about these things. There’s a vocal minority jumping in just to say how Nintendo is the only company that still cares about its players (haha) and that we’re thanking them for it by stealing from them.

I own a 3DS. It’s basically been used as a single-game system. I only own one game for it, and two or three cheap eShop titles. That’s fucking it. And it’s a shame, because I wasted a lot of money on it. These days I don’t want to invest in purchasing an actual game though, what with how short and volatile my available playtime is. I haven’t opened the damn thing in months!

Maybe a flashcard can change that, because I only have to make a single investment and then be done with it forever (excluding the eShop here). I’d still actually use the system, probably start carrying it around again too, which will only help Nintendo out as it brings someone back to their “online” space.

I don’t know man, piracy’s bad, sure. And maybe I would’ve bought another game or two if I wasn’t waiting for this option. The impact is has is generally overstated though, so I tend to err on the side of “it’s fine maybe?”

Whatever, it’s not like Nintendo’s a dying company or anything. They apparently still have plenty of cows they’re milking.
~ Fang

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