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Hey, content flow is low, so let’s talk about something mundane real quick.

Desktop wallpapers. There’s all different kinds out there. Plain colors, simple patterns, fan art of games, movies, what have you. Pretty pictures of landscapes, space stuff. There’s apparently also people that put random funny images or pictures they took themselves as their desktop wallpapers, and all I can say is, “meh”.

Generally, you’d want a wallpaper to be clean, so you can easily see all the files located on your desktop. Now, you don’t want to have a cluttered desktop either, but having a couple of folders and shortcuts there can’t hurt. They should remain visible and readable though, so if you put this low-quality picture of your cat in the background then chances are legibility takes a plunge.

Not to mention the whole look and feel. May be just me, but I prefer things to look at least half decent, and that’s very hard to pull off with a cluttered picture with ugly colors in it. I tend to keep it in the softer, more neutral color zones. Pastels are nice, since they don’t really jump out usually, yet still add that little splash of color that keeps things from being boring.

I also change wallpapers on a monthly basis. What’s your current one?
~ Fang


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