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Especially considering how hot flash storage is becoming these days, but even without those incredible speeds.

It’s super neat-o how a couple of years back, Micro-SD cards (you know, those really tiny ones) were only marketable up to, what, 128 MB? Today we got 128 GB Micro-SDs available for purchase, and if you look long and hard you’ll find much larger ones! The price gets real steep after a certain point, but the mere fact that it is possible shows how far we’ve come.

Benefits of the state of modern-day data storage include the ability to shove ginormous amounts of storage space into practically anything. As I said, Micro-SDs are tiny. The fact that you can store a very decently sized music or film library on it, and then put it in a device not much thicker than itself to use it, opens up a lot of possibilities.

Those are already being utilized, for the largest part, but high storage density has some interesting implications for compact computing in all kinds of shapes.
~ Fang

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