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My suffering will be ever-lasting.

The first workweek of the new year has passed and my problems have returned already. The stuff with my hands, that is. Made the mistake of both working on my paper and playing a game with friends today, after coming home from a full workday. Can not recommend. It luckily isn’t as bad as it once was (yet), but it hasn’t gone away, and the coming three weeks of internship aren’t going to help it.

Three weeks though, it’s almost over! 85% done right now, to be precise. Wow, time has flown! Great experiences, yadda yadda. As I said before, I’ll make a decent post on it sometime later. I will tell you though, that I have been offered a summer job at the company, so apparently I’m doing something right?

Very excited about it all, despite the issue dampening the fun a bit. Who gives a shit though, gotta keep moving.
~ Fang


  • 10/01/2015 (4:08 PM)

    Congratulations on being offered that summer job. You’re proving that internships do pay off. I hope your pains go away soon though.

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