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It is not my eyes betraying me, I simply do not like the sights I see.

Ever since I learned the basics about plot, characters, character development, et cetera, I’ve been seeing nothing but shit in a lot of the things I used to enjoy. Most action movies, for example, are huge suckers for this, as well as most anime. It’s a prime reason I barely watch any more these days, aside from time constraints and other priorities. Honestly though, it’s for the better. Every time I try to pick something up it goes straight into the garbage can after the second episode hasn’t fixed what stains the first one brought.

I’ve actually started to compile a mental list of red flags that let me know if I should drop a series as soon as they pop up. Just to name a few examples: harem bullshit (male protag, most other characters are female), monster of the week (a tiny, useless sub-plot every episode), Mary Sues (self insert(s) of the author and/or flawless character(s)), moe (cute) shit and/or obvious sexualization. The list goes on for a little bit more, but those are by far the worst and most frequent offenders.

Sure, some of it definitely has entertainment value. Some series at least make an attempt of covering them up, which helps me in looking past it all since at that point I’m just in it for the neat action scenes or cool mechanics or whatever. Entertainment value does not equal entertainment worth, however.

Whereas Western cartoons are entering a second golden age right now, I fear Eastern ones are dropping pretty low. Yes, there’s good releases, but it’s drowned by way too much shit to be noticeable.
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  • 13/01/2015 (12:00 AM)

    It’s really about different people enjoying different things. When it comes to anime, to use anime terms, I enjoy a bit of ecchi and moe. I’m not a major fan of harem but there are some things in that genre I enjoy. I do prefer it when those things are a backdrop to the story though and not the main focus. They make for great breathers after a big storyline.

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