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Holy cow the internship is over. A hundred days worked, a product delivered.

I’d say “it’s finally over”, but to be honest, it all went rather quickly. And in the end, I would’ve rather worked for another few weeks than return to school already. It’s been an absolutely amazing internship. I’ve learned more than the last two (what, eight) years of school have taught me, in both knowledge and experience, and I’ve managed to create a product while I was at it. One that is already in use and very much appreciated!

It is an unbelievable cool thing when people appreciate the work you do, professional or otherwise. Sure, you’re saving lots of resources by streamlining a process within the company, and that’s definitely satisfying to know. It’s the people that confirm that to you, though, that make it totally worth it. That one guy who’s spent way too much time with the old application will almost kiss you on the mouth for making a better one that saves him hours of tedious work.

At the start of the internship I was all “corporations, jobs, pretty meh”. But now I’ve learned that jobs can actually be a lot of fun and really rewarding!
~ Fang


  • 31/01/2015 (2:45 PM)

    It depends on the job/company. Not all corporate jobs are something to be put off by. Hopefully the internship going really well helps create job offers for you too. Either with the people you’re now leaving, or one of the companies they know. Sometimes it really is a game of who you know.

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