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01 01 15

Build a Year

It’s 2014 2015! (It’s going to take me a few weeks to get that right on the first try.)

The year has rolled over once again, giving us an excuse to marvel at the fact that the year 2000 was fifteen years ago now. That’s insane! In hindsight time always seems to pass so quickly even though there’s plenty of memories made. Speaking of, the “the future is here” party last night was really nice, with lots of laughs had by everyone, and no fireworks related injuries!

Everyone’s always “wishing” for a nice year. Some make a big whoop out of new year’s resolutions in an attempt to make that wish come true, or at least outline the path to it. And you know what, they got the right idea. We can all go and hope the year will be a good one, but we might as well just make it so.

As we progress through the year, we construct our mental image of that year using the memories we make. If there’s one really bright highlight, that’s likely what you’ll remember that year by. And then, once you’ve recalled, all the other building blocks will come back to you too. “Ah, those were the experiences I had during that year.”

Therefore I say to y’all: Welcome to the future, let’s make it a bright one!
~ Fang


  • 02/01/2015 (5:38 AM)

    It’s not enough to just wish for a good year, you have to make it so indeed. With that in mind let’s do a good job this year eh? Here’s hoping that 2015 is a pretty good year for everyone. It might be an impossible dream but hey, we’ll still believe in it.

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