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We’re having a Secret Santa-esque (gift roulette?) party with friends tonight, hurray!

It’s become somewhat of a yearly event, though generally we hold the thing slightly closer to the relevant holidays. Not that it matters. Hell, it makes some aspects even slightly better, considering how I can give Christmas-related gifts (like a tiny bright pink Christmas tree with even tinier plush decorations) while they won’t be useful for almost another year.

That’s the spirit of Secret Santa, right? Giving each other the most hilarious and useless junk imaginable and watching each other suffer having to be grateful for it. Okay, it’s not exactly Secret Santa in the traditional sense. We just distribute the gifts randomly through a game of dice with special rules linked to each roll, such as “pass a present to the left”.

We’ll see what junk OR thoughtful gifts I’ll return home with. If anything it’ll be a fun night for sure.
~ Fang

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