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19 01 15

Ava’s Demon

I’d do a slightly longer writeup, but I really shouldn’t. Don’t think I can either. Hands, all that jazz, it never ends.

Anyway, there’s this neat-o webcomic I found recently, called Ava’s Demon. It’s about, well, this girl Ava and her, ahem, demon. The story’s set in some distant future where interstellar travel is apparently very possible, aliens are somewhat ordinary (doh), there’s a lot of humanoids running around with neat powers it seems, and there’s an interesting plot going on with a corporate God called TITAN.

And then there’s the art style. Wow. It’s really, really well-drawn. Every page is only a single panel in size, but I feel that only adds to the whole aesthetic. And if you think the drawings were great, there’s also some animation in there! Most every chapter finished with a short clip in the same art style (the animation’s rather static, but beautiful nonetheless) and amazing music playing behind it.

So go check that out, it’s really cool!
~ Fang


  • 20/01/2015 (12:21 PM)

    That does sound pretty cool. I had a quick look and saw how amazing the art was. I’m following too many webcomics as it is right now, but I’ll certainly check that out if I have time. Plus I like to leave it a while anyway so I have a backlog to go through.

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