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Seriously Simple Software
21 01 15


Software that has been abandoned by its developer. I cry every time.

Luckily there’s a bunch of online communities that strive to keep these pieces of software “alive” in the sense that they are still available. It’s a wonderful cause, and not just because of the nostalgia of it all! (What with the largest part of abandonware being super old software for even older operating systems.) This gives people a chance to go back in time and develop on/for older systems. It doesn’t happen much, but the enthousiasts out there that do enjoy those things definitely appreciate it!

After some idle browsing I actually came across some childhood games of mine. At the time, I thought, “yeah these are Dutch games, since they’re in Dutch and all”. Turns out that (of course) all of ’em are just regular ol’ English video games, translated into all kinds of languages to better reach their target audience (young kids) internationally.

We used to have a couple of really old Macintosh towers around, but my dad gave them away… after wiping the drives completely, removing any trace of the software that was once on it. Shame, there were a lot of things on there I have never had the CDs for, and finding them online now would be a huge task given I can’t for the life of me recall any names.

Shame, but you gotta move on.
~ Fang

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