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Power of youth
31 01 15

Wanting more

Oh, consumers these days.

It seems that your average consumer is behaving more and more spoiled every day. They require more and better products churned out at faster rates than ever before. If there’s a flaw with a product they need it fixed immediately, and you better not omit the public apology and free stuff.

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Holy cow the internship is over. A hundred days worked, a product delivered.

I’d say “it’s finally over”, but to be honest, it all went rather quickly. And in the end, I would’ve rather worked for another few weeks than return to school already. It’s been an absolutely amazing internship. I’ve learned more than the last two (what, eight) years of school have taught me, in both knowledge and experience, and I’ve managed to create a product while I was at it. One that is already in use and very much appreciated!

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29 01 15

One more day

Quick and dirty post because ARMS.

Tomorrow’s the last day of the internship yo! Spent some time today transferring knowledge of the inner workings of the application to a coworker so they can work on it shall any more modifications be needed. Also had contact with someone who can test the “test a printer” part of the application on actual printer. And they did. And it didn’t work, but then it did. Going to commit the last few changes I managed to squeeze in tomorrow, and then it’s all over.

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28 01 15

It worked!

Yesterday I got three (yes, three!) packages in the mail. Two of which are related to this post.

One of the things in the mail was the Gateway 3DS card I ordered, which allows you to run all kinds of cool homebrew in addition to your hopefully legal game dumps. Spent yesterday and today setting everything up, taking extra care to make triple-backups of all important data. And guess what, I got it all working!

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27 01 15

Future looks

I realized today that the way the future will turn out looking (in every-day life) will largely be determined by whatever fashion trends are going on then.

Take a look at the present day, for example. Popular culture and the Average Joe’s fashion choices are starting to all fall into the “mainstream hipster” category. It dictates the look and feel of the thing you’ll look back on in a couple of years, just like the 00’s were all about “cool”.

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