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Platform independence, that is. Not all the hype that’s been surrounding free internet (which is still really important yo).

As I was browsing the internet for a solution to some web problem, I came across some blog post of some guy on some website. A comment had been made on that post, and here’s a partial quote: “One of the great promises of the Web is its ability to render the platform irrelevant so that it doesn’t really matter what operating system you are using…”.
And he want on to explain how that’s the irony of the problem described in the blog post. And he was motherfucking right.

Anyone who’s ever even looked into web development shall know that there’s thing to take into account when trying to make your website look good. Like what browsers you want to support. Isn’t that a big weird? As described, one of the largest bonus points of the internet way back in the day was its ability to show your content exactly as you intended to pretty much all the people encountering it. Yet these days all kinds of chasms have been created between your content and various groups of people, because some browsers support X, while others implemented it like Y.

And that’s fucking stupid. Humanity has once again decided to create separation (by creating more standards, sigh) instead of sticking together, even though the latter will be better for all of us.
~ Fang

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