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Short answer, yeah, generally.

We all know the pain of a nagging McAfee or growling Norton. “Heh,” you sheepishly laugh, “Surely I can’t have malicious software on my computer?” Well, your anti-virus program sure thinks you do. Yes, it gives false positives sometimes, but you’d better assume it’s right. Those of you on the ever-popular Windows OS will know these struggles better than those with less popular operating systems like OS X or Linux.

Though y’all with your fancy UNIX systems are generally a tad safer because of your smaller size, doesn’t mean you get a free pass out of the hellfire. However, if you know what you’re doing, chances are you won’t end up with anything targeting your system. For that very same reason, it may be fun to still have a utility scan files for virii and other nasty things.

There’s an odd kind of humor about finding three malware results in the files of a test torrent you downloaded, none of which have been written to affect your system. I’m actually considering getting a separate hard drive for the things, who knows when they’ll come in handy?
You may be yelling at me that I’m playing with fire, but I look every report up before deciding whether I laugh or cry. There’s a surprisingly decent amount of information available on different pieces of malware. What they do, where they originated, etc.

I’d pull a parallel to vaccines and make a shitty joke, but meh.
~ Fang

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