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30 12 14

Swarm of recaps

“Here’s my year in review!” “These important thing happened in 2014.” “You won’t believe how much advertising money we made through clickbait titles this year! Click here to find out now!”

It’s fun when all those “this was the year” articles start rolling out, sometimes even at the start of december… or earlier. I always post them on the last day of the year (though I’m not sure how much time/finger movement I’ll be able to invest this time), even though barely anyone is around to read them then and there. What does it matter though? At least I caught everything right up until the very last day.

Besides, isn’t it better to read about last year after the new one has begun? That way, we can all say, “ah, that’s in the past, and the future still holds much”. It would feel way more real, as opposed to now, when the year is still a month from being over and people start posting their “best month of the year” things already. Of course December will rarely make that list, what with it not having passed yet and all.

It’s all probably too minute an issue for others to notice, or even find it important. And really, it’s not that big a deal. Just something that piqued me.
~ Fang

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