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My left hand is killing me, spreading to my lower arm, and that isn’t even the one I use the mouse with!

So like yesterday, I’m going to say I’ll keep it brief. Unlike yesterday however, I will actually keep it very brief. I’d plug something cool real quick but I don’t have that much share-worthy stuff that may be of interest to y’all, and everything I want to talk about requires more than a single paragraph of exploration.

So instead let’s just quickly go over what I added to my increasingly lengthy to-do list lately? Twitter related things. “What?” Yes, you read that right, Twitter. I’m no huge social media fan, Twitters original intended purpose is stupid as fuck, but it’s still a fun platform to play with. I’m looking at Twitter bots, for example. I want to compile a database of famous movie quotes and their equally famous appropriate responses to make a movie quote responder. Want to track some statistics, too. On how different curse words rank against each other, for example. No idea how I’ll compile (or generate) a list of curse words to track though.

So yeah there’s that to look forward to. Definitely the easier projects on the list, something an afternoon of messing around can produce.
~ Fang


  • 08/12/2014 (12:47 PM)

    For reasons kind of unknown to me I follow a few Twitter bots. Some of them can be pretty fun. I hope your arm feels better soon man. Get that checked out if it’s that bad.

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