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This is what terrifies me about working with huge pieces of software that run on enormous parts of machinery that have the potential to really fuck some shit up.

Every self-respecting development team does rigorous reviewing and testing before releasing any change, no matter how big or small, into the wild. But let’s disregard that for a second and wonder what would happen if I managed to get a malicious change, intended or not, through that entire process and onto machinery that’s in, I don’t know, the biggest factory using that piece f machinery?

It’d be mayhem is what. Think of the things I could do. Even if it was something as simple as making the machine shut down for the day, that could still cost a company large sums of money! But if we think beyond that, I could mess with sorting code. Take eggs for example. If such things aren’t caught in time, you may end up with small eggs filling your “large” marked boxes and vice versa. Or I could just mark all eggs as faulty and have them all disposed of.

Those are really primitive and inaccurate examples, but they’re definitely possibilities. One mistake, one accidental slip by all the checks, is all it takes for companies to lose millions. Spooky.
~ Fang

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