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In preparation of my hobby project ventures I’ve been looking at various development tools for C++. Most all of ’em suck in one way or another.

Eclipse has the CDT package available, but Eclipse has always been so-so in my eyes. Very powerful, yet, but it just feels so bulky, often sluggish too. NetBeans just isn’t my thing and for some reason I can’t get its debugger to work right. And Qt Creator? It’s kinda neat, and the Qt framework itself seems nice though I’ve yet to check it out. If I can’t find anything better I’ll probably settle for QtC.

But then comes the whole thing of C++ as a language. It’s really powerful and honestly cool to work with, but the standard library feels really lacking. As much fun as implementing all kinds of utilities for myself is, I’d rather just Get Shit Done™. For that reason, I’ve been looking at C#. The Mono project allows you to write cross-platform C# applications, and the Xamarin throws “native” cross-platform GUI into the mix. It seems rather nice, and the C# language alone has a huge and easily accessible standard library with all kinds of neat functionality. Not to mention lambdas are radical.

Since I’ll be doing a lot of working with data, C# seems like a better option. I have no idea how it’ll deal with my lower-level needs though, so I may need to research that a bit more.
~ Fang

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