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I mentioned this yesterday in that post where I kind of failed to get my point across, simply by wasting words. My hands can only type so much, you know.

For those who weren’t there: I have six thousand Game Boy (Color) games on my computer right now (that includes different versions of the same game, should be around 1300 distinct games), and it all fits in a measly 600 MB. Six hundred megabytes. Your average USB stick can carry over thirteen of those sets! A single game file would average out to roughly one kilobyte. Compare that to the twenty-five gigs worth of Skyrim the installer spent three days downloading!

Though I won’t preach about the importance of the past, I do think it’s good to occasionally look back and see how far we’ve come. And how fast, too! The file size for your average game has exploded over the past few years. For good reasons though.

Games are now prettier and generally much larger. Prettier means there’s not only more assets (images, sounds, etc.) in higher qualities, but also way more chunks of code dedicated to flexing those graphics.
To multiply that multiplier, most games now have way more content than you could ever fit on a 4 MB Game Boy Color cartridge, especially with all the shiny modern wow-factors included.

Add those two together, factor in some other, more low-level things, and you get a more than exponential increase in game file size!
~ Fang

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