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It’s surprisingly hard to find complete lists on anything that isn’t defined to be a certain way by law.

So apparently all Game Boy and Game Boy Color games bundled together take up less than 600 MB, and that includes all kinds of releases (for the different regions, some re-release versions, etc.). More on that later, but today, let’s focus on that amount of games, and how, even though it’s advertised as a “complete set”, it may be far from. Still, it’s probably the most complete set out there, and your best bet when looking for a list of all GB(C) games ever. Oh boy.

The thing counts a whopping 2058 distinct sets of game files, each set containing anywhere from one to over ten(!) versions of a game. Japanese, American, European releases, versions with built-in cheats, even some fan-translations. But let’s take a second look at that number: 2058.
The Wikipedia entries for “list of Game Boy games” and its GB Color equivalent list 733 and 469 respectively. A total of 1202 games, little over half of the games in my file-based list. gives us a total of 885 games, even lower!

Problem there is, they don’t take all games into account. Wikipedia’s GBC games list even explicitely states it only includes games that have been released in Europe and the USA, instantly excluding a huge amount of games that never made it out of Japan.

And all I want is a complete list of video games, per platform, detailing their various names, release dates and cover art. Can’t very well build a library without that, now can I?
~ Fang

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