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Have you heard of Boku No Cactus?

An hour early, no less. My arms were killing me and my morale was at an all-time low.

I had gotten the a-okay to take it easy, what with my serious RSI risk and the pains it’s indicated by. This included getting up and walking around for five or ten minutes every so often, and maybe even leaving a little early. I’ve formally had those permissions for over a month now, yet it’s only today that I finally used them.

It’s just, fuck, christmas break is coming up and even though the plan is to rest for half a week (maybe a week, but I don’t think I can make myself do that) and then slowly try and work on the things that have been piling up. I seriously doubt that’s how it’s going to go down though. I’ll probably do two, maybe three attempts at getting back into it, yet every single time run into that wall, “your body’s still suffering”.

Just about everything’s fucking stupid right now.
~ Fang


  • 19/12/2014 (3:06 AM)

    I’ve been having issues with my legs lately. I know dem feels. Rest yourself up and remember you have permission to take it easy. So do it.

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