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23 12 14


Just going to plug a cool game real quick since I don’t have the will in my arms to write a lengthy post.

Go to Steam, see that Jazzpunk is on sale, and buy it. I haven’t played it much yet myself, but I’ve seen a decent amount of footage of it and can confidently say it’s a damn fine game. Picture this: an outer skin of a masterfully crafted, consistent art style and an odd detective storyline in a cyberpunk-esque setting, covering up a huge ball of surreal comedy gameplay fueled by absurd mini-games, bursting at the seams with references to iconic video game pop culture and more silly jokes than get told during an open-mic night at the local pub.

That is Jazzpunk. And considering all my energy went into writing that paragraph of prose, I suggest you take a look at some gameplay footage. Dunkey’s video is great, as usual. Shows the broadness of the game, but still leaves a lot to be explored.

I’d tell you to enjoy your weekend, but it isn’t even though it definitely feels like it. Oh yeah, Christmas break!
~ Fang

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