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Get your head up

I wasn’t feeling too great about things yesterday.

A good night’s rest, half a workday and some christmas festivities later (got a 7kg box of Christmas gifts from the company!), and I’m feeling kind of okay again. I mean the whole “no productive holiday if you want to survive” thing still sucks big-time, but if I stick to the plan of taking it easy for a bit there may still be hope of some things getting done. Besides, I’ve planned to go on walks, meet up with friends and watch my not that large but still significant backlog of movies.

The whole RSI arc has been full of swings like these, strong downs followed by strong ups, flatlining for a bit before starting all over again. And as good as those ups feel, I’d rather just have some stability. Can’t force things to go that way though, so I try to keep a decent outlook and still do as much as I can. By reading up on things, for example. The internet’s littered with useful information after all.

Really fucking glad Christmas break’s finally here though, about damn time.
~ Fang


  • 22/12/2014 (2:52 PM)

    Well enjoy your Christmas break dude and come out of it feeling better. We all want some stability. I hope you get some. Watch some movies and that should help. Depending on the movie.

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