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Deep sigh. Oh boy.

Plenty has already been said on all different free to play models out there, whether they’re actually any good and how it’s affecting the game industry as a whole. So that’s not what I’ll be talking about today, and it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever write an in-depth piece of my own on the topic. Regardless, I want to note how there’s a whole fucking lot of them out there. If I had to guess it’d make up more than half of all (popular) mobile applications out there, and that’s a lot.

I’ve never been really invested in the mobile market. I haven’t ever developed for it and I only browse it when I’m looking for a specific thing. And even then it’s rarely games I’m looking for. There’s a lot of material I’ve read on the subject though, and it’s really weird to see it all play out that one time you do download a nice looking game off the market. Free to play models aimed at making money are everywhere, in every fucking thing. Entire account systems spanning multiple games purely for the sake of, your accounts gets these coins, but if you spend them you have to wait or buy more.

And that’s just one example of the mess out there. It’s legitimately scary. I’m no expert on the effect all this has, material out there suggests different things, so it’s hard to say something for sure. Me, however, I don’t like it. I’d rather spend a couple Dollars on a game than have “freemium” shit shoved down my throat every other minute.

But hey, what do I know?
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  • 29/12/2014 (4:09 PM)

    You know what kills me about these freemium games? Aside from the fact that they’re everywhere? That they charge ridiculous amounts. I saw one where they offer bundles for their useless in-game currency that goes up to $99.99. Really, $100 for a dinky mobile phone game. For half of that, you can get a brand new professionally developed full length video game.

    You know who these things target? People who are susceptible to gambling addiction. Seriously, I was tooling around in one of these games a while back and it had a chat function. One guy was asking for help because he’d spent $5,000 on this game in the last month and didn’t know how to stop. Dude… it’s sad as hell.

    They specifically target people like this by almost making it gambling-centric. “For $99.99 you’ll get 10,000 crystal points, a scroll that gives you a 15% chance at unlocking the highest level character, and an egg that has a 10% chance at snagging the highest level item in the GAME!”

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