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Five years?!

It’s like I’m living in the fucking stone age, hot damn.

Ever notice your “[storage space] available” counter going down to below 10 GB, sitting there for a while, and then falling down into the MBs when you download a movie or two? Feels plebeian doesn’t it? Who has time to carefully conserve space by getting rid of things that haven’t been touched in months? Definitely not me is who.

Way back when I bought this laptop (two-something years ago) I thought, eh, five hundred giggity-gigs of solid state storage capacity? That’ll last me a couple of years. Well it, uh, looks like it did, but only barely. I’ve been looking at that small amount of free space for a while now, and every time it’s jumped up it was only to crash back down within a few short days.

If only there was a way for me to continuously expand the amount of space I had available for storage of all my useless junk like the disorganized fat snob I am.

Oh wait. External drives, “the cloud”, micro SD cards. (Oh wait. Money.)
~ Fang

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