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08 12 14

Extreme satire

Somewhere, someone made an interesting point on parodies and satire recently.

There’s lots of parodies out there of the extreme stupid and inane shit we have to deal with these days, right? We all know those super click-bait-y websites, right? “The 30 reasons your dog thinks you’re a hero. Number 17 is hilarious, I’m literally crying!” Fucking kill me. But then since it’s such a popular “issue” people start joking about it. General attempts will be to exaggerate its silliness for some easy parodies, and then we end up with “These 25 reasons your cat is plotting to kill you will blow your mind! I read number 38 and now my cat has my daughter hostage!”

But honestly, who can even tell the difference? And the same happens when we start getting layers upon layers of parodies of parodies. We start reaching a point where distinguishing between the satire and the real deal becomes super hard because they’re all so extreme!

I wonder if this is part of the “hyperbole culture” of today, or just a natural effect of parodies gaining traction in popular culture over and over. Hmm, those two aren’t mutually exclusive either, so who knows what’s going on here!

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  • 09/12/2014 (3:39 AM)

    Well when I think of parodies I think of political satire which spreads surprisingly powerful messages in an amusing form. That’s what I like to think of when it comes to parodies anyway. Oh and parody music. I guess the world is still changing and we’ll all be left behind eventually and become just a pitiful parody of our former selves.

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