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04 12 14

I am the elders

Had the honor of going back to my high school today to teach some of the youngins how to make proper good life choices.

Going to keep it brief because hands, just so you know. They asked a bunch of their ex-students to come back for some market-esque fiesta where the current final-graders could ask us questions about how we picked our studied and all that. They’re facing the same (for some tough) decisions I have faced before, and it’s cool to use my knowledge and experience to help them a little bit, even though most weren’t that interested. It was mandatory to be present and actually ask questions after all.

I know exactly how they feel; everything’s boring, school’s stupid and the strictness surrounding it all doesn’t help. It can be hard to find your core interests if they’ve all been muddled by the frustrating pressure to get relating homework done in time. I tried to convey my knowledge to them, but honestly, it felt a little bit like preaching to the deaf. That is, it was exactly what I expected it to be.

Well, at least I talked with passion about my study and internship and everything, so maybe that inspired a couple of them to take a second look at computer science?
~ Fang


  • 05/12/2014 (1:05 AM)

    That sounds pretty cool. I don’t think I’d be asked that by my former school. Doubt I’d actually go there though anyway. It’d be nice to asked. You might have turned someone on to computer science and hey, if you touched just one it’s all worth it.

    • 05/12/2014 (6:42 AM)

      The wording in that last sentence. Shit.

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