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2014 is almost “last year”! Oh how times have flown.

I normally do these little write-ups to sum up my year, its highlights and its low points. What I learned, what I experienced, all that. Except this year, off the top of my head, it feels like nothing out of the ordinary happened (aside from the internship). Nothing changed, no new things crossed my path. That’s not to say I’m not content with how the year turned out, not at all. It was fun times all around! It just doesn’t feel very special.

The internship really was (is) quite something though, but I’m planning an essay-length post for that once it’s over. Suffice to say that it’s really, really amazing to have had this opportunity and that the past few months have really been the highlight of my year. Yes, it has its down, but so does everything else in life.

I’ve never really done new year’s resolutions. I still have all the ones I did make untouched, so maybe that should be a goal this year? Screw that though, I don’t need some arbitrary time scale to keep myself focussed on personal interests. Besides, it’s not like I’m not already on the right track right? Right? (I just remembered the blog’s birthday is twenty-two days from now. Definitely not on the right track for that one!)

Anyway, I want you all to know it’s been a great year, and you’ve all contributed to that. Let’s keep going like this for another year, shall we? Have a great time!
~ Fang

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