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2014 is almost “last year”! Oh how times have flown.

I normally do these little write-ups to sum up my year, its highlights and its low points. What I learned, what I experienced, all that. Except this year, off the top of my head, it feels like nothing out of the ordinary happened (aside from the internship). Nothing changed, no new things crossed my path. That’s not to say I’m not content with how the year turned out, not at all. It was fun times all around! It just doesn’t feel very special.

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Swarm of recaps

“Here’s my year in review!” “These important thing happened in 2014.” “You won’t believe how much advertising money we made through clickbait titles this year! Click here to find out now!”

It’s fun when all those “this was the year” articles start rolling out, sometimes even at the start of december… or earlier. I always post them on the last day of the year (though I’m not sure how much time/finger movement I’ll be able to invest this time), even though barely anyone is around to read them then and there. What does it matter though? At least I caught everything right up until the very last day.

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Bedtime thoughts

Oh how fleeting they are.

Ever lay in bed, trying to fall asleep, thinking of all the random things that pop up into your head? Ever come across a really neat thought, “hey that’s cool, I should write a piece about that!” Then, fully convinced you’ll still remember it in the morning (since hey, you were more or less awake while you thought that thought), you fall asleep.
The next morning, all you know if that you were supposed to remember something nice. But you can’t for the life of you recall what.

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Deep sigh. Oh boy.

Plenty has already been said on all different free to play models out there, whether they’re actually any good and how it’s affecting the game industry as a whole. So that’s not what I’ll be talking about today, and it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever write an in-depth piece of my own on the topic. Regardless, I want to note how there’s a whole fucking lot of them out there. If I had to guess it’d make up more than half of all (popular) mobile applications out there, and that’s a lot.

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Had a short discussion about this with a friend the other day, figured I’d share the point here.

I recently watched a movie after reading the corresponding book. It was a strange experience, to say the least. A lot of important points were left out, probably for the sake of brevity. They very swiftly cut to the chase and stuffed it all full of the action scenes that are so important to a movie. Probably for brevity too, since they had to shove and entire book’s worth of content into an hour and a half of video footage. The end result was a plot that felt rushed through and characters with way less depth.

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