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I can just fall apart any second now. The slightest fucking breeze will knock my every joint out of place and send me to the floor.

Blah blah, standard “muh RSI” sob story, you know the deal by now. Worked to hard, rested too little, I’m an idiot, yadda yadda. Now even toying with my phone gets rough after a little while. Sucks balls, but at least now I have NFC working even when the phone’s still locked. Neat how I can just change things up when I don’t like the functionality. Sure it’s not officially supported, but the ability to do so’s there and it doesn’t void my warranty.

Anyway, I’m lucky I’m out of the house for most of tomorrow. Otherwise I’d just hurt myself further. Or at least attempt to, before admitting to the pain and crying like the baby I am.
I want to DO something. Something active, something cool. Hate sitting on my ass all day watching films and series like the brainless consumer they cater to.

Time for my retirement. Let’s see those funds I’ve built up over the years.
~ Fang


  • 15/11/2014 (4:17 AM)

    Being inactive sucks but sometimes you really need to. Plan all the cool stuff you’ll do when you’re capable of moving properly again. It might help.

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