Fang Talks

Channel your inner hipster

…for a rowdy bunch I call friends.

A large chunk of my friends live in a nearby city (or is it a town? Who knows) which isn’t all that far away, but it’s still a thirty-something minute bike trip. If you’re going fast, that is. And with how cold it is outside these days, it’s not exactly the most pleasant ride. Don’t have my drivers license yet, nor a car I could use anyway, so that’s not an option.

I’ll gladly bike both to and fro for my friends though. As much of a chore as I make it sound, it’s all worth it for a fun night catching up with pals and whatnot. Besides, it gets me a little exercise for a change, and if I bring along my sweet tunes then it’s all very doable.

Yeah I wasn’t going to go anywhere with this anyway (zero inspiration for more serious posts) so let’s just cut it here. Enjoy the weekend!
~ Fang

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