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03 11 14


Wow, this site is fucking great!

Society6 is a website that enables artists to sell art prints… and so much more. T-shirts, phone cases, mugs. You name it, they’ll sell it with your art on it. They sell cool products, you get some of the profits and retain the rights to your works. Neat-o!

With so many different artists contributing pieces to their store, there’s a lot of different styles on there. Like clothing with pop culture references? It’s there. Abstract, spooky, typography? It’s all there. And that’s great! I’ve already found a couple I really like. Too bad they ship from America, which makes the whole process rather expensive, considering I’ll probably be paying a hefty amount of import tax over whatever kind of package may arrive at my doorstep.

Still, I’ve been a bit lacking in nice shirts lately, and they even sell hoodies! I might just pick one or two cool items and hope my wallet can take the hit. It all seems pretty expensive though, bleh. Maybe I should just invest in a clothing printer and a ton of cheap shirts and such?

Maybe I should.
~ Fang


  • 04/11/2014 (12:56 AM)

    If you’re interested in that kind of thing then go look at Etsy. Almost everything I buy in regards to fandoms comes from there. They also have general stuff so you should be able to find something if you don’t want to deal with huge import fees. I know them feels. It sucks having to pay twice as much thanks to high postage and import fees.

    • 04/11/2014 (6:44 AM)

      I know Etsy, but never thought of looking there for clothing. Thanks!

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