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We had this “come back to school to make some shitty choices” day today.

Basically we got a school-paid trip back to it to talk about our internships and have them help us make the choice between the “specializations” available to us for the second half of this school year. It was, okay. They had a couple speakers show up, preach to us about how money shouldn’t be the thriving factor behind your work, and how you should deal with starting your own company.

It was actually kind of neat, but then they brought in this half-awkward comedian, and it all just went to “meh”. The “information market” that followed allowed us to ask questions about the specialization we’ll be doing once our internships were over. Game Technology, Mobile Development, or Advanced Software Engineering. None of them are particularly attractive, but Game Technology contains a similarly named course that’s basically all about the lower level programming behind games and their engines. It’ll cover actual god damn math, which I haven’t seen in an official educational setting for years.

So maybe that’ll be my first choice? Yeah, I guess so. Can only hope the other courses don’t suck the life out of me. (Forced constraint to Unity 3D, bleh.)
~ Fang


  • 29/11/2014 (3:03 AM)

    I think that sounds like something you’d enjoy. It would make a good first choice. Read up on the other to see what else there is. Maybe you’ll find something better but you’ve got a good choice if you can’t.

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