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The internet’s getting fucking riddled with ’em.

Most every place on the internet you go for entertainment that also allows you to vote on comments, be it a “like”, “+1” or whatever, always has a group in their user-base that’s in it for those points. They need their fix to feel good about themselves, kind of like a drug addict. Or maybe they just like the feeling of contributing to the community? Whatever the reason, it seems that these days there’s quite a decent amount of people employing puns for this purpose.

Be it a sketch about a blind man or some cool infographic about fish, people will be spouting the same jokes over and over, even after they’ve been beaten to death, risen from the grave and collapsed once again. Others will latch on, commenting on it with their own hastily thought-up puns, not even bothering to veil it in some sort of decent context.
And it disgusts me.

Puns are fucking great, I love the things. But you can’t just walk up to someone and say “my iPod’s like the titanic, it’s syncing”. Yeah, sure. Clever, whatever. It’s still just a simple pun though. You’d be lucky if you could get a smile cracked with nothing more than that. Like with birthing, it’s all about the delivery. Timing, is key. This goes for jokes in general, too. It needs to fit the current context, not lag behind the conversation or, God forbid, have nothing to do with what you were talking about at all. Relevance connects people to the joke and shows them it’s not just a line you memorized, but your wits at work.

Additionally it may be cool to crack the joke so subtly, so well embedded in the rest of what you’re saying, that people may only realize it ten seconds later, and wonder if that’s what you intended. If I was a true master of my craft, this post would be full of those. Sadly, I’m just not that good.

Seriously though, to all pranksters in practice, remember: timing, relevance and maybe a slight sprinkle of surprise.
~ Fang

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