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Real quick mention here, nothing fancy.

I came across Processing today. It’s a framework for quick and easy visual arts programming. At least it looks like that from what I’ve seen. Know all those cool animations you often see on the internet as gifs? (Take a look at /r/loadingicon, they’re rad!) Apparently Processing’s a great tool to make those kinds of animations. And I can see why.

It’s essentially just a thing that allows you to program as normal, except it gives you a bunch of neat functions to use. Functions that allow you to easily draw things to the screen, or help with animating it all (i.e. a lot of mathematical wizardry pre-built for you). I’ve always been fascinated by those endlessly looping animations, how they were made, what makes them tick. Now I can go and fidget with it for myself!

Or I would, if I didn’t need to pay attention to my hands and whatever. Not to mention I’m leaving right now to enjoy a night with friends!
~ Fang

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