Fang Talks

It begins.

Or, why programming has more uses than you may think.

I recently talked a little bit about Processing, something that enables you to easily do visual programming. That is, write some code, watch something neat happen on screen. It’s apparently starting to get pretty big in visual arts and is even used for special effects in movies sometimes!

Super cool how being able to program has such a wide amount of applications. Sure, all you ever produce is pieces of software, but in that seemingly small category there’s so much variety! Applications, games, add-ons, animations. Hell, there’s probably something available somewhere to build audio from code. Yeah, I should look into that.

Point is, programming as a skill has a whole bunch of possible applications, and then we haven’t even covered the unique way of thinking yet. I say that as if it’s something really special, but to me it feels more like a better understanding on how to tackle certain problems. Problem solving!

Enjoy your weekend!
~ Fang

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